Hi! Welcome to this website. I hope you like it!

A short introduction…. My name is Arno Dorst and i’m having “a dream”….

Build a website that contains (almost) all trains in the world. I know it’s quite ambitious but you have to have a goal in life, right?

Due to my background as an IT specialist i thought… when i build a train database website it should be possible to…

  • Filter results (trains & photographers)
  • See beautiful photos (and videos)
  • See what was, what is and what will be
  • And last but not least…. Give the fotographers a spot to shine

So i started to design and build this website where every new idea is being included in a new (technical) version of this website. New ideas are more than welcome so keep them coming! For now i’m quite satisfied with the design and i’m very busy to populate the database. I started with all trains of the Netherlands (my home country) but i already past the borders and are busy to include Belgium and German trains. I’m depending on pictures from Wikipedia and nice people how are willing to share or donate their beautiful photos so i’m hoping you also want to contribute to this website. All received photos are being tagged with their respectively name and origin. I’m already working on special pages where all photographers will have their own album but this is still in a early fase, please feel free to give feedback on this. If you are willing to donate/share your pictures then please upload them directly via the upload page. Together we will build a beautiful website for people to enjoy.

Will you join me in “my dream” and create the greatest train database in the world for everyone to enjoy?